Rotating Speed Test System


System Introduction

Rotating Speed Test System can test the uniformity of rotating speed of the rotating floor, simultaneously test two-way rotating speed signals and display rotating speed, frequency, cycle and time difference between adjacent cycles. The system can automatically store the test results, play back and print test data. The system adopts virtual instrumentation measure and control program of PXI-based architecture; According to main technical requirements of rotating speed test system, the system accuracy error in the whole measuring range is less than 0.005%.

System Functions

Self-test; calibration; rotating speed test.


System Indexes

Rotating Speed Range

1 r/min ~ 1,000 r/min

Frequency Range

0.0167 Hz ~ 16.67 Hz

Cycle Range

0.06 s ~ 60 s

Diameter of Test Turntable

350 mm ~ 464 mm


Error in the Whole Measuring Range

< 0.005%


10 Arc-seconds in the Whole

Measuring Range, and when

the cycle is 1,700 ms ± 100 ms,

it will be 2.5 Arc-seconds

Continous Test Time

72 Hours

Contact the Sales Engineer
《Contact the Sales Engineer》
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